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Entrée d'un bâtiment commercial
I offer services to solve all of your 
communication needs. 

I combine my knowledge of digital territories to help develop your corporate communications strategy, sharpen your messages, advise on crisis communication and develop bespoke campaigns for your key people, products or issues.

Communications should be about people, about the people behind the brand and the people behind the screen. My approach is to humanize both the company and the audience. It is not about numbers it is about an equal exchange.


Océane K Vasquez




Strategic communications work like a spotlight, allowing you to focus only on the people you want to reach and the relationships you want to build. Thanks to an integrated marketing (Digital, traditional and innovative) and an impactful communication strategy, together we can create powerful, targeted, and precise messages.


Today, brands have become human. Brands tell stories, they adapt their behavior to different occasions, and they are loved or hated. Especially since they are alive, they fascinate. To make your brand human, you'll need a guide who knows how to navigate the ever-changing territory...



Gervais Milandou, CEO of Leon Hôtel

"I appreciated Océane's professionalism the most and her creativity in conducting the tasks asked of her. She presented a clear proposal and a precise implementation plan which kept me up to date on the next steps of the project" 

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