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  • Océane Kifini Vasquez

What is Tik Tok and why should you include it in your marketing strategy?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Younger users have discovered a new means of communicating with our brand’s target markets. For a while now we have been saying how the future (and present) of social media communication lies in video. This new tool is skyrocketing among the youth bringing us infinite possibilities of fully exploiting video communications. For quite some time Tik Tok has become a top trend and has positioned itself among the top downloaded apps in the world. It offers lots of possibilities that shouldn’t be ignored, so let’s get stuck in! What is Tik Tok and why should you include it in your marketing strategy no matter what?

Tik Tok, the next step

When Twitter and especially Facebook were on the top of the social media game, along came Instagram to change the playing field, or atleast to take it to its court. A platform where an image speaks louder than words and allows us to upload a photo or a video at any given moment, spontaneously, changed the concept of digital communication. Sharing a visual message had never been that easy. Meanwhile, not long after Instagram’s appearance, was born, a platform that aimed to exploit the video format with sounds, effects and an enormous array of editing features. It became a very interesting app where users could dance, lip sync and carry out all types of performances, but from 2018 onwards the name was changed to Tik Tok and it acquired a new perspective. As the video format was booming, the possibility that any user could film, edit and ultimately produce short but great quality videos became more and more attractive. Over the last few years we have bore witness to an impressive growth of a platform that has jumped on the video bandwagon and has even reinvented the concept, allowing users to do things that were previously reserved for people who had knowledge of video editing programs. Tik Tok is here, it’s thriving and promises to keep doing so for quite some time.

An oasis for organic content

While it seems harder and harder for your Facebook or Instagram content to obtain significant impact without investing in ads, Tik Tok is a true oasis for organic content. Why? Because when Tik Tok content is a hit, users don’t only share, but also imitate it. This way ‘trends’ become viral at the speed of light and allow users, and also brands, to not only receive content passively, but also to participate in the content, through challenges, dances, sounds, etc. A very attractive aspect of Tik Tok is that, if the content is appealing, users have the possibility to use the same song or sound in their video to recreate it and make it their own. In this way, if you are able to create interesting content for your audience and you use hashtags coherently, you will be able to reach other potential users relatively easily. We shouldn’t forget that Tik Tok has a particularly young audience, but this is expanding swiftly and crossing generational boundaries.

Advertising Opportunities

If you wish to go one step further, don’t fret, Tik Tok also allows you to advertise on their platform. This is a very interesting option due to the tone and perspective of Tik Tok’s audience. While other platforms have a more ‘formal’ and informative character, Tik Tok has an entertainment side thanks to the music, memes, dances, etc which will enhance your brand image with better user interaction. Of course we need to understand Tik Tok’s idiosyncrasy and adapt the messages so that they aren’t cringy. If you want to create advertising content that really sinks in, you need to make it not look like an advertisement. Create a challenge, a dance, or a fun sound that adds to your brand image and present it to your audience so they can become a part of it, not only observe it and scroll on. Efficient communication cannot be static. Trends change constantly and the possibilities that keep arising with these new platforms broaden our horizons each time. If you’re interested in Tik Tok and want to know how to introduce it into your communication strategy get in touch with us, we’ll help you exploit it to its fullest potential as with any other tool that can help your brand achieve its digital objectives.

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